In 2017 GS1 Cloud Project which is now called “Verified by GS1” started and all GS1 member organizations were supposed to change their processes to comply with it.

Mr. Behzad Emrani, Former CEO of GS1 Iran chose me as the project coordinator and I was responsible for learning about GS1 Cloud and I had to teach my colleagues in GS1 Iran’s Cloud workgroup.

Everything was OK and we did great and the results were eye-catching.

That was December 30th, 2017 that I understood my colleagues in media and public relations office, have not made a postal card to congratulate other GS1 staffs around the world for the new years eve.

So, I designed this Postal Card and I wrote for my international colleagues:

In this new year’s eve, when #Santa has put his gifts for #GS1_Staff on the #gs1cloud, I wish you a very happy new year full of peace, safety and success.
Yours Sincerely

The concept behind this postal card was to combine Santa Claus and GS1 Cloud phrases and create the Santa_Cloud character.

That is another type of content which I created as a Story Teller. You can know more about my Content Marketing History in my other post: Content is king!

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