Have you seen Jim Dickson‘s article about GS1 Barcodes as bridges between suppliers and retailers?


I like it where he says: “We are like the glue in the middle!” It’s really true because sometimes both sides try to connect their information systems but they can’t and that’s exactly where GS1 comes in and completes the chain by joining parts together.

I’ve seen this in many projects. Such as our meat and poultry traceability project in which the producer had many problems with suppliers, logistics partners, and even with his own stores!

Entities in the supply chain need GS1 Standards as a common language to connect each other easily and communicate smoothly.

And we helped them solve their problems by establishing a platform of GS1 standards and solutions for identifying products and other items, capturing data, sharing information and using traceability procedures.

This glue-solution! works perfectly when you decide to connect your system with your international trade partners across borders because GS1 standards will become your common language and will help you do things much easier.

Did you have such an experience? Talk to me about it.

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