GS1 General Specifications is the major reference for technical experts working with standards and solutions and I believe that every GS1 staff should read it and understand it word by word.

Some people may be angry when I say GS1 General Specifications is my BIBLE.

This is the most important GS1 document which very GS1 staff must completely read and understand.

But to tell you the truth, this amazing document mixes mathematics, data science, engineering, physics, management, even art, and so many other fields together to tell you how you can technically transform the way you live and work.

To download the latest version of the GS1 General Specifications from GS1 global office official website, easily click on the above picture.

I remember the days in 2013 that we decided to translate GS1 General Specifications version 12 to Farsi and I was the project coordinator reporting to my manager Mr. Hemmat Ghalandari.

Many topics were new for us and we had to read, understand, discuss new things which we didn’t understand in meetings and ask about them from our colleagues in GS1 Global Office, translate and teach what we have learned to our colleagues in GS1 Iran and those days were my best days of life because I really loved the whole process of learning.

And believe me that GS1 General Specification is an ocean full of new information for those who have just started their career in supply chain management, engineering management, Information systems management, health informatics, computer science, and other related fields.

Take my advice and read this document if you are studying in above named courses.

Because it also changes the way you will work and live after graduating from university. Believe me!

If someday I find the chance, I will teach GS1 standards and solutions and especially some parts of GS1 General Specifications along with GS1 Traceability Standard to 1000 university students.

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