Our world is a large school with 7.7 billion teachers and 7.7 billion students! This might seem crazy but let me explain it to you!

Oh. It seems we’ve got some philosophy class here!

I believe everyone can be a teacher. Some people, such as successful entrepreneurs or professionals, can teach you what to do to become successful and have a great life and some other, such as criminals and those who have ruined their life, can teach you what not to do in order to have a safe and normal life!

So, basically, there are 7.7 billion teachers living on earth that each one has got his specific course to teach.

On the other hand, who can say that he knows everything? Of course no one! There are a lot of things that we know nothing about. So, there are 7.7 billion people who need to learn new things and can be assumed as students.

It means we are all students for other people’s classes and teachers for others.

So, since there are always some students that know nothing about what you already know, why don’t you let them attend your class and learn from you?

We Love GS1 Standards
GS1 Standards and Solutions are lovely for those who know them well. So, Start learning about GS1 today!

I really don’t want to make it complicated so I am going to answer the upcoming question which is in your mind right now: “How can I teach and how can my students find me?”

It’s easy my friends. Just start blogging and tell your story to those who want to hear about it in your blog. And leave the rest on Google’s shoulders! I’m sure if your students are passionate about your story and what they will learn from you, they can easily find your blog with a simple search on google.

And that’s exactly what I am going to do here. I will tell my story about GS1 standards and solutions, my 10 years career at GS1 Iran, my best moments in implementing GS1 Traceability projects, my good managers that taught me a lot, my last manager who unfortunately made me leave GS1 Iran unlike my desire and the decision I made to achieve my goals to show him that a bad manager can not ruin my dreams…

This place is going to be my lovely class and I will teach you whatever I know to help you use those lessons and experiences that can change your career life into a better one.

Please do not hesitate to tell me what you want to learn about GS1.

2 Replies to “Start teaching NOW!”

  1. Hi Mohsen. It’s a shame that a bad manager has spoiled your enjoyment, but maybe it’s the catalyst for a new phase in your life.

    I’ve been involved in FMCG bar coding since 1999 and have worked closely with GS1 South Africa over the years, supported the formation of GS1 Nigeria and GS1 Tanzania, presented in conjunction with GS1 Kenya and gave them some technical support on verification, presented workshops also in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, and India, and took part in a trade conference in Maputo that was sponsored by their government.

    I’m retired now, but consulting on bar coding and food labelling.

    1. Hi Glyn.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your wonderful experiences with me.

      I will never forget your comment and I am happy that I found a new friend.

      Best wishes to you…

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