There are a lot of jokes made about Barcodes and we are going to see some of them here:

This one is posted on the GS1 Germany Instagram Account:

Barcodes spotted in Koellner Zoo by GS1 Germany.

And this one which you can find on my Instagram Account:

turning a Barcode into a QR-code
Q: How QR-Codes are made?
A: Just give us your barcode symbols and pay 10 Euros for each!

This one is the logo of an Iranian movie has been captured in a cinema salon:

Barcode movie
Barcode is the Persian language (Farsi) is: بارکد

Barcodes are very important in healthcare information systems to improve the patient journey.

Barcodes in Healthcare
We should scan you to see what is your problem!

Did you ever notice that you should pay for every barcode scan at the point of sale?

barcode train
Kill me but do not charge me that much!

These ones are funny too:

Black and white beauties. Let’s fly!
“I told you not to cheat the supermarket.”
Go easy on barcodes!
everybody has his own perception!
Yummy barcodes!

What other jokes or caricatures do you know about barcodes?

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