I’m a storyteller and I started writing my autobiography when I started my work at GS1.

After 9+ years of self-training and learning from my colleagues in GS1 Family, now I have amazing stories about GS1 Standards and Solutions to tell you.

Please download my resume to know me better.

Mohsen Pakniat Resume – Last Update: October 2023

I am a GS1 Standards and Solutions specialist with 9+ years of work experience in GS1 Iran as a PMO member that his last job title was Standards Development Manager.

Translated many important GS1 standards and documents to Farsi, trained tens of my colleagues inside the GS1 Iran family and developed many guidelines for our customers to ensure they understand what the GS1 system of standards is and how the global language of business transforms the way they work and live.

Have been deeply into the most important projects of GS1 Iran as a researcher, standards and solutions expert, content provider, project assistant, project coordinator, project manager, project sponsor and board of directors consultant, when somebody asks me what is my job and what I do best, I say:

“I’m a Barcode man and GS1 is my language.”

And there are alot of things that I don’t know. So I have to learn more and more about GS1.
And for those who may believe this joke, Messi may know me somehow but he has never put my picture on his shirt and this picture is made just for fun.

And please do not lose my blog posts.

Have a good time exploring my website.